How to understand and reverse Negative Self-talk

We’ve all heard it. That little voice that tells you you shouldn’t go for it, it’s too hard, you shouldn’t speak up, you didn’t earn what you have, you’re not talented, people don’t want to hear your opinions. The list might go on forever. Sheesh. If you’re wondering whose voice it is, well… we’ve tracedContinue reading “How to understand and reverse Negative Self-talk”

5 Mistakes to avoid when starting a gratitude journal

Christina Costa was working on her Ph.D., focusing on resilience and wellbeing when doctors found a brain tumor. Christina had been practicing gratitude for many years before this diagnosis and began the practice of “kissing her brain” every day. In her TED talk, Kiss Your Brain – The Science of Gratitude, Christina talks about herContinue reading “5 Mistakes to avoid when starting a gratitude journal”

Common Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is another mental health diagnosis that has been sensationalized in the media and is an often misunderstood diagnosis. Perhaps the most well-known portrayal of schizophrenia is Russell Crowe’s portrayal of John Forbes Nash Jr. in A Beautiful Mind. Schizophrenia involves psychosis, which is a mental state in which people cannot distinguish between what isContinue reading “Common Symptoms of Schizophrenia”

Dissociative Identity Disorder: It’s not what you’ve seen on TV

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), once called Multiple Personality Disorder, falls into the category of Dissociative Disorders, along with Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder and Dissociative Amnesia. DID has been portrayed in movies and TV so much that its status as a mental health condition has been largely overshadowed by superhero plot lines and Oscar races by the actors whoContinue reading “Dissociative Identity Disorder: It’s not what you’ve seen on TV”

The Buzz on Burnout: What It is and Ways to Fix It

WHAT DOES THE WORD “BURNOUT” MEAN TO YOU? Maybe, you’ve seen it pop up in every other article or have heard people complain about burnout at work (but stick with me!). Perhaps it conjures up images of exhausted, unhappy, and unmotivated individuals working for the weekend. Maybe it hits pretty close to home, and yourContinue reading “The Buzz on Burnout: What It is and Ways to Fix It”