9 Tips to make parenting easier if you have ADHD

There is a lot of advice out there for parenting a child with ADHD. But what do you do when you, the parent, have ADHD? Parenting is hard enough. When you add ADHD to the mix, everything gets more challenging. Organization, scheduling, time management, stress management, and more are all aspects of parenting that canContinue reading “9 Tips to make parenting easier if you have ADHD”

7 Sustainable things that may help your ADHD

Today I’m talking directly to the niche group of people who have ADHD and care about the environment – hey there! Same! I wanted to address some ways to be sustainable that may work specifically for folks with ADHD. Although being neurodivergent may make some aspects of sustainability more challenging, folks with ADHD tend toContinue reading “7 Sustainable things that may help your ADHD”

You’re Not Lazy.

I CONSTANTLY HEAR PEOPLE CALL THEMSELVES LAZY. They shamefully describe how lazy they’ve become, how they’ve always been plagued by laziness, or how many of their problems tie back to their supposed laziness. I tell them the same thing every time. You’re not lazy. There are so many other potential explanations for your behaviors that areContinue reading “You’re Not Lazy.”

What does ADHD look like in women?

WOMEN* ARE THOUGHT TO BE JUST AS LIKELY TO HAVE ADHD… …but are more likely than their male counterparts to go undiagnosed. We don’t know exactly why this discrepancy exists, but there are probably a few contributing factors. Some research has suggested that women are more likely to have the inattentive subtype of ADHD, whileContinue reading “What does ADHD look like in women?”