Escaping the shame spiral

By Dr. Melissa Shepard Yesterday, towards the end of a long day, I was working, and my mind started to drift off into thoughts about how tired I was. I thought about how desperately I wanted a break (not just from work, but from the many stressors in life, as I’m sure most people canContinue reading “Escaping the shame spiral”

Is it Stress or Something More? When to Get Help.

Add Your Heading Text Here With all that has happened in 2020, it is normal to feel some level of stress, burnout, worry, sadness, or mental exhaustion. However, rates of mental illnesses have also risen significantly in 2020 (Czeisler, 2020). It can be hard to tell if what you are feeling is part of a normal reaction to anContinue reading “Is it Stress or Something More? When to Get Help.”